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Mentor Coach Partners offers skill development solutions for leaders, managers, and individuals at all levels. Our offerings address the full spectrum of today's companies' business challenges by serving up critical skills when and where your leaders and employees need them most.

Our Services

We offer skill development solutions for leaders, managers, and individuals at all levels. We have identified a list of skill development topics that address a full spectrum of issues faced by leaders and employees. First, we work with you to identify the skillset which is central for your people. Then we design a learning path for acquiring these skills. Then we deliver the selected topics through group lectures, coaching sessions, one-on-one mentoring sessions, in structured and informal settings. We often combine face-to-face sessions with self-paced online learning courses to deliver our skill development solutions when and where your leaders and employees need them most. Finally, we work with you to assess the impact and effect of the program and to also integrate skill development into your work process so you can get the most of your investment.

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Working with Mentor Coach Partners is beneficial to your organization. We help you transform your employees into knowledgeable and empowered individuals who can drive business results. We provide you with collaboration instruments that facilitate peer engagement and allow highly effective knowledge transfer within your organization. We provide your managers and employees with tools for immediate on-the-job application of knowledge. We help you build skills with content that incorporates proven business concepts while honing in on the specific business skills required for your success.

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Why Is Skill Development Important?

Addressing Needs

The conventional approaches to skill development aren’t delivering on their promise. They are often delivered in isolation, are too detached from business operations and strategy, and focus on knowledge and skills to the neglect of values and mindsets. As a result, individuals may improve their skills, but the impact on business results is often minimal. Today’s managers and employees need help mastering or reviewing skills on the fly, as specific situations arise. We can build or refresh these skills quickly, when needed, through learning that address the full spectrum of your challenges.

Formula For Success

Today’s organizations face a dramatically transformed economic and business landscape. Rapid advances in information technology combined with intense global competition require a new form of leaders and employees development. What worked in prior years will not necessarily work in today’s demanding environment. Leaders must become capable of thinking in new ways and acting decisively, and employees must become more empowered and engaged in business operations. The organizations that will succeed are those with individuals at all levels who can rapidly and effectively respond to non-stop challenges, non-stop change.

Your Strategy, Your Needs

We, at Mentor Coach Partners, work closely with you to ensure that the focus is on your goals, objectives, and culture. We then map our offerings to your needs, building a solution that’s uniquely tailored to your organization’s unique strategies and needs. Results matter, so we design your learning program in a way that makes it easy to assess your progress. We deliver our offerings through live face-to-face learning, sometimes virtual, in structured and informal settings with self-paced, online and offline resources. This makes learning readily available and easy for you so you can concentrate your resources where it matters most.

Develop Your Leaders = Transform Your Organization

With our skill development solutions you can cultivate the leaders you need at all organizational levels. These are leaders who will help you achieve lasting business results. Our offerings will allow you to create “leaders as teachers,” and to promote an overall culture of learning at your organization. We work with you to build leadership pipelines, enhance employee performance and retain talent. Developing your leaders ultimately leads to improving performance across your organization as a whole. It will allow you to better support critical business initiatives and to help implement a wide range of strategic priorities critical to your ongoing success.

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